Therapy Pigs in Brisbane for Rehabilitation, Developmental Disorders, and PTSD Assistance

At Petite Piggies we aim to breed fantastic genuine therapy pigs in Brisbane that can assist you or your loved ones with communication and connection.

Benefits of Therapy Pigs in Brisbane

Getting a therapy pig may have many benefits for people going through rehabilitation, recovering from PTSD, and even children with autism, Asperger’s, or cerebral palsy.

  • A therapy pig may play a role in helping you manage socially isolating depression symptoms and lessen the feeling of isolation caused by PTSD and other anxiety-related problems that make it hard to interact with people.

  • A trained piggy could provide comfort and motivation to help you keep going every single day by being a constant companion to someone going through physical therapy or other types of rehabilitation from serious injuries.

  • Owning a therapy pig may increase communication in children struggling with developmental disorders by being a friend and someone they can talk to easily.

  • Being in charge of an animal may create a sense of responsibility for those who struggle with listlessness and apathy caused by depression.

Why Petite Pigs is Right for You

We breed genuine miniature pigs that have excellent personalities. We spend hours upon hours with our piglets so that they are accustomed to being around and touched by people when they go to their new homes.

We aim to help our piggies integrate into homes with other animals as easily as possible by exposing them to all our other farm animals. Our pigs are also vaccinated, vet checked, and wormed before leaving our farm.

Contact us to find out more about Petite Piggies. You can come to our farm and meet our therapy pigs in Brisbane for yourself!