1. All piglets will be sold de-sexed, vaccinated and wormed unless otherwise stated.

  2. A $50 deposit is required prior to being entered on our waiting list.

  3. Customers on the waiting list will be notified as soon as a litter is born, after which a further $150 deposit is required to secure their piglet.

  4. Customers are able to postpone purchasing their piglet if they wish to wait for a subsequent litter to provide a particular colour or sex preference.

  5. In the unfortunate event of something unforeseen happening to your piglet whilst in our care, we will refund your deposit in full or alternately you can choose from another litter.

  6. Piglets are unable to be released or leave our property until purchase price is fully paid.

  7. Delivery to airports will incur a transport fee, which can be shared depending on number of piglets being transported.

  8. Petite Piggies will not take responsibility for the health of our pigs once they have left our property, including when they are enroute to their new homes either by air or being transported by, or on behalf of, Petite Piggies, or the new owner.

  9. Petite Piggies will offer as much assistance to new owners as possible, pertaining to the care of our piglets. However, we are not liable for the new owner’s choices and decisions.

  10. In the event of one of our pigs needing to be re-homed, we are happy to assist, however we accept no responsibility to do so, or to refund any monies associated with the original purchase price or any other expenses incurred.

Disclaimer: All information provided by Petite Piggies is to be taken as a guide only. Petite Piggies does not accept liability for any actions taken by any person on reliance of its content.