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Making a Special Home for Your New Piglet

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

If you are considering purchasing a miniature pig, your first step must be to check with your local council to make sure that the animal is allowable in your area. Once you receive the okay, your next course of action is to ensure that your piglet has more than enough room to graze and roam around. Keeping a pig in a confined area is bad to the health of the animal, which is why at Petite Piggies, we require you to own at least one acre of property.

New piglets at Petite Piggies
New piglets at Petite Piggies

While your piglet will love the great outdoors, your new friend will need housing for times when the weather turns bad. This type of animal enjoys feeling warm and cosy, so if you are using a dog kennel or small shed to shelter them, make sure to incorporate plenty of straw, wood shavings, or rice hulls to provide a comfortable place for your pig to feel safe. It’s important to remember that pigs enjoy lying down against a wall or a fence, so the housing must be strong enough to fully support their weight. A miniature pig is a beautiful addition to any family.

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I am happy to provide you with any advice you need to ensure your pig stays happy and healthy. If you would like more information feel free to call me on 0448 641 195 or click over to our contact page to send us an enquiry.


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