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Keeping your miniature pig healthy

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Miniature pigs require a special diet. What many people don’t realise is that your genuine miniature pig will be a vegetarian. These animals need lots of grassy space not only to roam and root around for grubs but also to serve as their personal buffet. If you want to add variety to their eating habits, you can throw in fruits and vegetables as a special treat. 

Pigs also enjoy grain, but it’s important to stick to cracked grain like cracked barley, corn, or wheat. Too many of these delicious snacks may throw off their protein levels, which should always remain around 12%. It is against the law to feed your pig meat or meat products. Other types of food that you should never feed to your pig include onions, cat or dog food, chocolate, and alcohol. 

Pigs should always have direct access to plenty of clean drinking water. They tend to tip over water containers to roll in the mud, so always securely fasten their drinker or have it heavy enough they cannot lift it. 

In a grassy area, weed growth is bound to happen. You must remain conscious of which kinds of weeds are growing on your property because they can have negative effects on your pig. We always suggest that you check with your local lands or your local Department of Primary Industries to find out the types of weeds that grow around you.  

For more details about adopting miniature pigs from Petite Piggies, send us a message through our contact page or call us on 0448 641 195.

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