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Does my miniature pig need to be with another pig?

A common question we at Petite Piggies are asked is will my pet pig be happy on their own or do they require the company of another pig. It's a great question so I thought would be helpful to do a blog post.

Pigs by nature are very social. They must have companionship and do not go well on their own. They get along with most other animals especially dogs provided the other animals are ok with piggie. I do find sometimes dogs get tired of being constantly followed and pigs particularly once older can sometimes be a little bit rough for them.

Piglets form a strong bond within their litters and love to sleep piled on top of one another and are always together once old enough to go foraging in the paddock. It's more of an adjustment for them if all of a sudden are on their own.

In my opinion nothing beats having another piggie friend. I think majority of animals love to have one of their own kind, it's just what comes naturally.

I am happy to provide any advice to ensure you have a happy and healthy pet miniature pig. You can call me 0448 641 195 or click over to our contact page.


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