Healthy and Beautiful Teacup Pigs for Sale in Canberra

We pride ourselves on breeding 100% genuine mini pigs which will make sweet additions to your family. Our breeding pigs are from top Australian breeding lines so you can rest easy knowing that your new mini pig will stay small.


Why Mini Pigs Make Excellent Pets


Pigs are highly intelligent and extremely sociable animals. They are easy to house train, and they adore attention and affection. From birth, our piglets are introduced to all sorts of different animals so that they can easily fit into your household with people and other animals.


Despite their reputation, pigs are very clean animals and, with proper training, they will learn to only use one specific area as their toilet. If you have lots of room for mini pigs in Canberra to roam and you can provide everything your new friend will need, one of our gorgeous pigs for sale in Canberra can make an excellent addition to your home and family.


Teacup Pigs for Sale in Canberra from a Reputable Breeder


When looking for mini pigs for sale in Canberra, it can be difficult to find a breeder you can trust. We lovingly maintain the health of all our pigs, and our sows are bred only once a year so that for the rest of the year they can relax and just be pigs. We only sell our piglets to the perfect homes, and we are very selective to ensure that all our piglets are safe and well looked after. We transport our mini pigs in Canberra all over Australia using Jetpets so that they arrive safe and sound and always travel with animal care professionals.


Contact us today to learn more about the adoption process for our mini pigs for sale in Canberra and ask us any questions.