Brisbane Families Looking for Piglets for Sale have an Option

Petite Piggies breeds piglets for sale to Brisbane families interested in expanding their pet options. Miniature pigs are intelligent and loyal with unique personalities and make great pets.


They are useful as therapy pets in rehabilitation centres and make the ideal companions for children with autism. They are easily house trained and are friendly towards existing pets.


We spend much time with our piglets for sale, so when they arrive at your Brisbane home, they are acclimated to humans and other animals. They do require plenty of outdoor space to graze, so we require families to have at least one acre of land available to be considered for adoption. Your piglet also requires an area to roll in the mud as well as a stable source of fresh drinking water be available. Little piggy will also require a place to sleep which can be a doghouse or indoors with you.


We de-sex, vaccinate and worm all piglets for sale to Brisbane families before adoption, so you are assured a happy, healthy pet. We transport your new family member by ground transportation, or they fly safely with Jetpets to your location. Our commitment is always to the health and well-being of our piglets.


Now that you’re ready to add a new type of pet to your family contact us for more information regarding the adoption and care of a piglet for sale to Brisbane families. Our caring breeders are ready to answer your questions and share their experiences with our piglets.