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Petite pigs are ideal as pets or therapy animals due to their sweet temperament and their high intelligence. At Petite Piggies, our micro pigs help you create a loving and nurturing environment when they become a new member of your household.

Unlike average commercial pigs, a micro pig for your family makes for the ultimate companion as they only grow to approximately 45-60 cm in height and an average of 55kg. They are also loyal, friendly, clean, and can be house trained.

Why Have a Micro Pig as a Therapy Animal?

Micro pigs make a lovable therapy and emotional support animal for individuals and children - their nature is gentle, caring, loving, understanding, and forgiving. Due to their high intelligence, they are also capable of remembering events and people and responding to scenarios with supportive, learned behavioural responses. Pigs as pets are also hypoallergenic, allowing for interaction with a wide variety of people.

As a therapy and emotional support animals, a micro pig may help calm children with autism and support their vocalisation. The loyal nature of a pig means they may provide companionship and comfort for people who suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or anxiety.

Caring for Therapy Pigs

A micro pig is generally easy and low-maintenance to look after. By understanding their requirements and thoroughly planning for their stay, you will help to maintain the happy nature of your pet.

Before looking at pigs, it is important to consider the size of your property. Pigs are a grazing animal and need space to roam free,  a small yard is not suitable. We recommend properties that have a minimum of an acre designated for a pig and an area for shelter. Pigs require a structure for escape in extreme weather conditions and a place to snuggle down to sleep. Ideally, this shelter needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of the pig as they like to lean against a wall when lying down.

Our pigs are raised vegetarian, and although they are mostly grazing animals, they also enjoy  a variety of vegetables and fruit  added to their diet. Providing easy access to grass is a priority, as is providing clean drinking water. The lifespan of a healthy pig is 15 years, so aside from having space to house a pig happily, you also need to consider the ongoing feeding and care for your animal. Creating a mud or water area for the pig to roll in is also important for keeping your new friend happy.

We breed micro pigs from strong bloodlines with good temperaments. Each mini piglet for sale is desexed, wormed, vaccinated, and checked by a vet to ensure that it is healthy before we send it to a new family. Contact us today to discuss adopting a pig as a pet or therapy animal.

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