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At Petite Piggies, we bread genuine miniature piglets for sale in Adelaide. Our pigs are perfect as family pets and for therapy purposes. These therapy animals are highly sensitive. Our breeding is performed to ensure a calm, friendly temperament and our pigs are raised to be accustomed to human contact. Also, they all have exposure to a range of other animals to ensure they will get along with any other family pets you may have. All our piglets are checked by a vet, vaccinated, de-sexed and wormed. Rather than just breeding our pigs and shipping them off for sale, we allow our sows time to roam in our paddocks to grow healthy and happy. We fly our pigs throughout Australia with Jetpet for families to love, and to serve as therapy pigs in Adelaide.

Our pigs are well looked after and can provide a range of benefits for you and your family, from therapy and service animals, PTSD assistance animals, to aged care and rehabilitation. We have sold several piglets to special needs schools, nursing homes and children with autism. We care about the welfare of our pigs and are selective with rehoming them. We only sell them to homes with enough land and to good owners who meet special criteria at our discretion. Our quality breeding ensures that our pigs are genuine miniatures.

The benefits of animals for a range of mental and physical health issues have been well researched. Animals are known to reduce blood pressure and stress levels and can help to increase focus and a sense of wellbeing. Our miniature pigs grow to the size of a medium dog, so they are perfect as a family pet. They are very clean animals and can be house trained. They are extremely loyal, intelligent and highly sociable with both people and other animals. Our piglets for sale in Adelaide would make the perfect addition to your family and are highly valuable animals with the priceless range of therapeutic benefits they can provide.

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