Find a Miniature Pig for Sale in Perth for your Family

Ever thought of adopting a miniature pig as an addition to your family? Miniature pigs make great companion pets and get along with human and furry family members. Petite Piggies breeds miniature pigs for loving families. Our miniature pigs are available for sale to Perth families looking to add a new family member.

Miniature pigs make excellent companions for young and old. They are highly intelligent and easy to house train. Their unique personalities will bring years of love and entertainment to you and your family. 

We spend a lot of time with the piglets beginning at birth and continuing until adoption day. The care and attention we administer to our miniature pigs for sale to Perth families ensure that your new pet will be friendly and ready to mingle. 

We recommend that future families have at least an acre of land for your new genuine miniature pig to roam and graze. Pigs are vegetarians and enjoy eating grass, fruits and vegetables. They also enjoy rolling in the mud so supplying them with an area for this purpose is essential. A stable source of clean drinking water is also necessary.

If you or someone you know in Perth is considering a miniature pig, our pigs for sale will bring years of enjoyment for all. Contact us for more information about adopting a miniature pig.