Mini Pigs Melbourne

Why Miniature Pigs Make Great Therapy Animals and Where to Find Mini Pigs in Melbourne

Recently, miniature pigs have been gaining popularity not just as family pets, but as therapy animals and emotional support animals.  These smaller-than-normal pigs grow only to weigh up to 65kg or so, making them adaptable as indoor pets. Keep in mind, however, that even small pigs need outdoor spaces to be healthy and happy, so it’s important to be sure that you can provide everything these special animals need. If you’re interested in mini pigs in Melbourne, read on to discover what makes them great emotional support pets.

They’re Highly Intelligent

More and more people are adopting miniature pigs in Melbourne because of how intelligent they are. Pigs are at least as smart as dogs, capable of learning to obey commands and being litter- and house-trained. However, mini pigs and dogs have some key differences. Whereas a dog is eager to please its owner, a pig is more independent and its intelligence can work against you if your pig becomes bored or is too confined. Of course, many people enjoy this aspect of pigs; their unique personalities make them charming and fun to be around. It’s all part of getting to know your piggy and forming a lasting bond.

They’re Emotionally Intuitive

The fact that miniature pigs are so intelligent also means that they’re quite intuitive, making them outstanding emotional support animals. Miniature pigs in Melbourne are recognised as an effective form of therapy for special needs children as a therapy pet, helping them with calming and vocalisation. For people with depression or anxiety, mini pigs can ease symptoms, helping enhance calm and happiness.

They’re Non-Allergenic

It doesn’t matter how great your therapy pet is if it causes your allergies to flare up. Mini pigs tend to be non-allergenic, which means that they won’t bother your allergies nor the allergies of other people, whether in your home or out in public.

They’re Clean

It’s true that pigs like to roll around in mud, but this is to help keep themselves stay cool. Pigs actually take pride in their personal hygiene and hate when their living space is dirty. If you provide your pig with a small wading pool in which to stay cool, he’ll be much less likely to feel compelled to take a mud bath. Your pig will also appreciate a soft, comfortable spot to relax in, such as a large dog bed and a few blankets. He will keep this space relatively clean, so it will need maintenance only occasionally.

Where to Find Therapy Pigs in Melbourne

At Petite Piggies, we believe in the power of pigs as therapy pets and assistance animals. We have sold many of our piglets to families of children who have autism and other special needs, to special-needs schools, and to nursing homes with great results. We offer genuine miniature pigs with great temperaments and we spend lots of time interacting with them so that they are comfortable with people when they leave us. Your pig will be vaccinated, wormed, vet-checked and de-sexed when you receive it. For a family-friendly therapy pet or emotional support animal, contact Petite Piggies.