Tips for Owning a Genuine Miniature Pig and Where to Find Miniature Pigs for Sale on the Gold Coast

More and more people have become interested in genuine miniature pigs on the Gold Coast as they learn how wonderful these small, adorable animals can be as pets. Unfortunately, some people adopt miniature pigs with some misconceptions about what to expect. Here are some tips to help you have a successful and fulfilling experience with your new piglet.


Know What to Expect


If you’re considering adopting a genuine miniature pigs pig, be sure that you are familiar with things such as how big they get and how long they live. First, the name “miniature pig” is a misnomer; your piglet will indeed grow to weigh around 50-65kg if you don’t overfeed them. However, this is much smaller than the size of a regular pig, which can weigh around 450kg! Genuine miniature pigs also live longer than dogs or cats; you can expect yours to live about 15-20 years. That means that owning a mini pig is a long-term commitment. If you’re okay with that, then a miniature pig might be right for you.


Your Pig Needs Training and Exercise – Just Like a Dog


Did you know that pigs are incredibly intelligent They are equally as smart as dogs, most would say smarter, which means that you can train them using positive reinforcement. Mini pigs are fun to train; simply use treats as rewards just as you would with a dog and enjoy teaching your pet some neat tricks. Of course, being smart also means your pig can become bored easily. If your pig is confined to a space that’s too small and doesn’t get enough exercise or stimulation, he may develop unwanted behaviours as he struggles to cope with the stress. Make sure that your pig gets plenty of exercise and interaction every day. An area of at least 1 acre is ideal for them to roam and graze.


Provide Blankets and Kiddie Pools, Straw and a Wallow Pool


Your genuine miniature pig needs many things, but there are two in particular that will help keep them happy and healthy straw and kiddie pools. Have you ever wondered why pigs love caking themselves in mud They don’t have the ability to sweat the mud keeps them cool in hot weather. Pigs also need lots of water – not just to drink, but to play in. Be sure to provide a small wading pool, also known as a wallow, for your genuine miniature pig to use and regulate their body temperature when the weather is hot. They were born to root, so provide lots of straw and place them in your pig’s crate. You can also place a blanket on the couch, in the car and anywhere your pig spends time.


Where to Find Pigs for Sale on the Gold Coast


At Petite Piggies, we offer miniature pigs on the Gold Coast to people looking for the perfect pet. Mini pigs make fantastic family pets as well as therapy pets. They’re great for special needs children, nursing homes as companion pets, special-needs schools and more even children on the autism spectrum may benefit from a piggie assistance pet. Our pigs are genuine miniature pigs, bred for their excellent temperaments. We spend a lot of time with our piglets to ensure that they are accustomed to people by the time they leave us for their forever homes. Your piglet will arrive vet-checked, vaccinated, wormed and de-sexed. If you’re looking for miniature pigs for sale, contact Petite Piggies today.