Micro Pig for Sale Melbourne

Find a Micro Pig for Sale: An Ideal Melbourne Family Pet

When you are thinking of getting a family pet, you want to be confident that your animal will have a good temperament and fit in well with your family. At Petite Piggies, we have a micro pig for sale your Melbourne family will adore as a pet. Our miniature pigs come from superior bloodlines, and their genuine petite size makes them manageable as a pet for various types of families.


Pigs are loyal companions and very intelligent. Whichever micro pig your Melbourne family selects as a pet, we assure you it will have these traits as well as many other ideal pet characteristics. Miniature pigs are clean animals and can be easily house trained. They are also very social beings, and we ensure that all of our piglets are handled from birth and are fully accustomed to human contact. This makes for easy integration when we introduce our pigs to an adoptive family.


Each micro pig’s happiness  and care is a very important to us.  From breeding to birth to raising petite pigs, we take pride in providing a nurturing and loving environment for all our micro pigs. Every micro pig for sale to Melbourne families starts life roaming around a large paddock, free to each as much grass as they like, swim in the dam, roll in the mud, and relax in the sun.


We believe that micro pigs make ideal family pets or therapy pets and emotional support animals. Contact us today to find the ideal micro pig for your Melbourne family.