Genuine Miniature Pig in Melbourne

At Petite Piggies, we can provide you and your family with a friendly and genuinely-bred genuine miniature pig in Melbourne. Top Australian breeders provide our breeding pigs, and we continue to maintain superior bloodlines. We keep them in excellent conditions with adequate land to roam and a good supply of grass. They are handled from birth to ensure they are well used to human contact and are exposed to other animals as early as possible. Pigs are naturally social creatures, and we raise them with love and nurturing to ensure they are happy and healthy before entering your family.


The benefits of having pets for therapy purposes is well known. Research shows that pets can reduce blood pressure, stress levels and increase overall mood and wellbeing. Many of our pigs have been sold to special needs schools, nursing homes and several children on the Autism spectrum. There is a range of possible therapeutic benefits that animals may provide to children with autism. However, there are some special benefits to having a therapy pig. They are quieter than a dog which means they are more suitable for avoiding issues involving sensory overload in autism.


Our quality breed, quiet, sociable and friendly piglets for sale in Melbourne may make the perfect pet to meet the therapeutic needs of an autistic or special needs child. Some children with autism find it difficult to interact and communicate effectively, and research shows that pet pigs may have helped to improve the social skills of these kids. A quality breed genuine miniature pig in Melbourne from us at Petite Piggies may provide a range of physical and mental therapeutic benefits and would make a perfect new addition to your family.


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