Our Breeding Pigs

Purchased from superior studs with quality bloodlines, our breeding pigs are classified 100 per cent genuine miniatures. 


We have chosen them not only for their size and confirmation but also for their temperament, which we believe is equally important when it comes to choosing you best pet ever!


Our pigs are often sold to families with young children and in some instances as pet therapy animals for special needs children so having a pet that is sociable and loving make the world of difference. Our stud boar and sows all posses a loving and gentle nature.   


Piglets are handled and socialised within hours of being born right through to when they leave for their new homes.  All of our pigs our loved and respected. Our sows have one litter a year only so they get to enjoy time in the paddock just to be a happy pig.

"Yesterday we picked up our beautiful new addition "Lily". I can not rate Tinky high enough for her love and devotion to her piggies. Tinky has been so helpful to us as first time piggy parents and guiding us through her care. Thank you so much Tinky we all are so in love with our new family member"  - - Kim (Coffs Harbour)