Therapy Animals Australia

Meet the  Therapy Pigs in Australia Available Through Petite Piggies

Generally, when a person thinks of therapy animals in Australia, they think of a dog or even a horse. But did you know that therapy pigs in Australia can provide excellent companionship and comfort? Our healthy piglets are lovely friends and perfect for a family looking to include a new special addition.


The team at Petite Piggies has built a trusted name  and we are proud to breed quality miniature pigs. We commit ourselves to guiding you through the process of bringing one of our adorable piglets home to become a member of your home.


What You Should Know About a Therapy Pig


Are you interested in purchasing one of our therapy pigs in Australia? There are some essential details to keep in mind.


If you are a first-time therapy pig owner, the Petite Piggies handbook will come in handy. It provides you with a great overview of care information for your new friend. We always advise you to consult with your local council to confirm that a pig is an allowable pet in your location. The piggie will need a large area to graze and move around. If the animal is confined to a small zone, he or she will become unhappy and act out?for your new friend?s wellbeing, we require that your family lives on acreage.


Our pigs are available for purchase when they are approximately eight weeks old. When you buy a therapy pig, it comes de-sexed and with a clean bill of health from one of our veterinarians. This means that every pig is up-to-date on all of their vaccinations and worming requirements. They come with not only a birth certificate, photo, and ear tag identification but an NVD pig pass. For an added level of tracking, microchipping is available for a set vet fee.


It is essential to feed your pig the proper diet. Our therapy pigs in Australia are vegetarian, so they need access to grass and must maintain a protein level of 12% to 15%. Vegetables and fruits are great treats to incorporate into their eating habits. It?s important to note that it is illegal to feed your pig any type of meat or meat products. Other food products that pigs cannot eat include onions, alcohol, chocolate, and dog or cat food. If you have any questions about what your pig should eat, we encourage you to reach out to us so that we can properly advise you.


Find Out More about Our Therapy Animals in Australia


We have a variety of options for transporting therapy pigs throughout Australia. Do you live on the other side of the country? No problem: our piglets can fly comfortably. When he or she is housed in a crate approved by the airline, you never have to worry about your pig?s safety. If you are within driving distance, we can deliver your pig to you for an additional fee depending on your proximity.


If you are ready to learn more about our therapy animals in Australia, please call us on 0448 641 195 or send us a message through our contact page.