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Meet the Emotional Support Animals and Therapy Pigs in Australia Available Through Petite Piggies

Generally, when a person thinks of therapy/emotional support  animals in Australia, they think of a dog or even a horse. But did you know that therapy pigs in Australia provide excellent companionship and comfort? Our healthy piglets are lovely more.

Find a Micro Pig for Sale: An Ideal Melbourne Family Pet

When you are thinking of getting a family pet, you want to be confident that your animal will have a good temperament and fit in well with your family. At Petite Piggies, we have a micro pig for sale your Melbourne family will adore more.

Micro Pet Pig and Therapy Pigs for Sale Delivered to Perth

Petite pigs are ideal as pets or therapy animals due to their sweet temperament and their high intelligence. At Petite Piggies, our micro pigs for sale for Perth adopters and families help you create a loving and nurturing more.

Making a Special Home for Your Therapy Micro Pig in Sydney

If you are considering purchasing a micro pig in Sydney, your first step must be to check with your local council to make sure that the animal is allowable in your area. Once you receive the okay, your next course of action is to more.

Why Miniature Pigs Make Great Therapy Animals and Where to Find Mini Pigs in Melbourne

Recently, miniature pigs have been gaining popularity not just as family pets, but as therapy animals. These smaller-than-normal pigs grow only to weigh up to 65kg or so, making them adaptable as indoor pets. Keep in mind, however more.

Keeping Miniature Pigs in Adelaide Healthy

Miniature pigs in Adelaide require a special diet. What many people don’t realise is that your teacup pig in Adelaide will be a vegetarian. These animals need lots of grassy space not only to roam around but also to serve as more.


Tips for Owning a Genuine Miniature Pig and Where to Find Miniature Pigs for Sale on the Gold Coast


More and more people have become interested in teacup pigs on the Gold Coast as they learn how wonderful these small, adorable animals can be as pets. Unfortunately, some people adopt miniature pigs with some misconceptions about more.

Miniature Pigs Available in Perth as Therapy Animals and Emotional Support Animals

As highly intelligent animals, miniature pigs make ideal family pets as well as therapy and emotional support animals. Pigs may help calm children with autism, ease anxiety and panic attacks, and offer comfort and companionship to more.

Find a Miniature Pig for Sale in Perth for your Family

Ever thought of adopting a miniature pig as an addition to your family? Miniature pigs make great companion pets and get along with human and furry family members. Petite Piggies breeds miniature pigs for loving families. Our more.

Piglets for Sale in Adelaide

At Petite Piggies, we bread genuine miniature piglets for sale in Adelaide. Our pigs are perfect as family pets and for therapy purposes. These therapy animals are highly sensitive. Our breeding is performed to ensure a calm more.

Brisbane Families Looking for Piglets for Sale have an Option

Petite Piggies breeds piglets for sale to Brisbane families interested in expanding their pet options. Miniature pigs are intelligent and loyal with unique personalities and make great pets. They are useful as therapy pets in more.

Caring Breeder of Pigs for Sale in Australia

Have you ever considered adopting a pig? A miniature pig grows no bigger than your average Labrador and has a unique personality that brings years of enjoyment. Petite Piggies breeds miniature pigs for sale across Australia as more.


Healthy and Beautiful Teacup Pigs for Sale in Canberra


We pride ourselves on breeding 100% genuine mini pigs which will make sweet additions to your family. Our breeding pigs are from top Australian breeding lines so you can rest easy knowing that your new mini pig will stay small more.


Genuine Miniature Pig in Melbourne


At Petite Piggies, we can provide you and your family with a friendly and genuinely-bred genuine miniature pig in Melbourne. Top Australian breeders provide our breeding pigs, and we continue to maintain superior bloodlines. We more.

Therapy Pigs and Emotional Support animals in Brisbane for Rehabilitation, Developmental Disorders, and PTSD Assistance

At Petite Piggies we aim to breed fantastic genuine therapy pigs in Brisbane that can assist you or your loved ones with communication and connection more.