Petite Piggies is situated in the pristine Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, a 165 km picturesque drive south of Brisbane through the border ranges and 90 km inland through the Byron Bay hinterland.


We welcome visitors to our farm where you can meet and interact with the pigs and experience first-hand their delightful piggie personalities. We trust you will fall in love with them just as we have.

Miniature pig Petite Piggies

Our piglets are handled from birth so they are accustomed to being with humans. Pigs are naturally social beings and thrive in the company of others, both human and non-human. 


The lifestyle of our Petite Piggies is a primary focus for us, as we adore our pigs and consider them an extension of our own family. Our breeding and farming practices ensure their happiness from birth, so they come to you healthy and well adjusted.


Petite Piggies are classified as 100 per cent genuine miniatures.  They grow to be the approximate size of a Labrador dog in height but develop a more solid build.  This  makes them far more manageable as family pets than the larger breeds.   

There is no particular registered ‘miniature pig’ breed in Australia; rather they are pigs that have been responsibly bred to be small,  As a comparison, our pigs are currently 55–60cm in height and weigh an average of 55kg, whereas the average commercial pig is up to 150cm tall and can weigh up to 300kg.

Our breeding pigs have come from top Australian breeders, and we aim to continue our breeding program with superior bloodlines in order to maintain and improve the quality of our Petite Piggies.

Upon deciding to expand into breeding Petite Piggies we completed a ‘shabby chic’ revamp of our existing piggery, including a new sheltered nursery in which our piglets could grow healthy and strong. All our pigs have access to a large paddock where they can roam freely and eat as much grass as they like, swim in the dam, roll in the mud, or bask in the sun. What a life!


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